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Research and Development

At Eurodiet, research and development represent a key asset which has enabled Eurodiet to become a European leader in medically-supervised weight management.

Quality is the operative word throughout the Eurodiet method and health-product range, whether concerning nutrients, health, well-being, taste, textures or convenience. Eurodiet offers patients who follow its method optimal-quality products without making any compromise on safety.

Our R&D team also plays a major part in the regulatory compliance of all Eurodiet products. Indeed, because Eurodiet products are sold worldwide, local regulations are taken into account in all R&D activities, right from the word go.

Our research and development follow two main lines:

  • the transformation of our patient’s needs into research priorities
  • the use of new technologies to design products that never cease to provide patients with new advantages and more satisfaction.


We, at Eurodiet, are able to transform the ideas put forwards by scientists into practical dietary solutions for patients with weight issues.

Transform scientific achievements into solutions…

In the field of dietetics, scientific and medical progress are important and constant. The Eurodiet R&D team is committed to transforming this knowledge into convenient dietary applications for its patients. Our mission is focused on:

  • high-quality and meticulous science at the service of enthusiastic teams,
  • understanding the needs of patients with weight issues,
  • developing solutions that will improve their everyday lives.

Understanding what patients need…

At Eurodiet, we are convinced that, to bring about true innovation and offer better nutritional options to patients, we have to understand their needs and the way in which their weight issues affect their everyday life. It is the feedback from patients from all over the world which allows us to continuously improve the products we develop to meet patient needs. It also helps us perfect the Eurodiet method.

Success stems from the combination of two approaches: the transformation of scientific progress into practical solutions and an improved understanding of patient needs. Such achievements require an enhanced collaboration between our researchers, our medical teams, our development units and our food-industry engineers.

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