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Ps Cyprus Med Diet Ltd, the exclusive distributor of Eurodiet products and weight loss management method, has successfully been leading commercial operations in Cyprus since 2011, whilst vastly contributing in setting the pace in the battle against obesity. 

The medically supported weight loss management method – Eurodiet – is implemented by suitably trained partners, founded on latest scientific advances and literature, in line with current ADA (American Diabetes Association) guidelines on nutrition with reduced carbohydrate intake.

Eurodiet is a recognized weight management method in more than 20 countries globally, where it currently tackles obesity, while in Greece, its successful application by Health Care Professionals, supervenes in wide patient population segments including: obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and numerous related diseases. Recommended by teaching hospitals and specialist diabetes centers, Eurodiet is the only dietary management program against obesity, with mandatory medical monitoring.

With numerous contributions and participations in medical conferences, symposia, expert meetings, scientific events and clinical studies, Eurodiet Med and its professionally qualified expert nutritional team, remain a step ahead of developments in combating obesity, with the mission of optimizing health services provided to patients.

Our regulatory watchdog ensures compliance with the highest authority standards of proper storage and disposal of foods, consistent with the utmost stringent manufacturing standards of Protein System, a leading company in realizing effective solutions for overweight and obese patients. Headquartered in the heart of Europe, Protein System operates internationally, through a network of distributors in more than 20 countries, including Cyprus.

Used for over 30 years now, high-protein and low carb. diets have demonstrated their effectiveness. However, if short and middle-term results are fairly easy to achieve, sustaining weight-loss in the long term requires the support, supervision and guidance provided by close medical monitoring. Protein System SA was one of the first companies to look for effective ways of helping and supporting overweight patients.

Developed by a group of medical practitioners, the Eurodiet programme is a novel global management method for both doctors and patients: The Eurodiet method. Based in the very heart of Europe, Protein System SA boasts a strong international presence with about twenty countries covered by its distribution network.

Not only do our local distributors sell our products to customers, they also take care of practitioner training and supervision with the help and support of our Luxembourg-based Protein System SA staff.

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